Rare and interesting, such artistic work following in the line of German expressionism of the XX century to which Jean-Paul Mabire gives his experience of drawing, engraving and painting.

Similarly remarkable is his interest in Frida Kahlo, wife and disciple of Diego Rivera, as well as in the writer-poets linked to surrealism, expressionists and contemporary creators.

Thus our Norman artist has brought up the search for the impact of a shadowy reality which is aimed at disturbing us rather than systematically seducing us.

Jean-Paul Mabire paints life bluntly, with his rejection, pains, cries, without as much neglecting simple tender moments out of time. The artist is admirably able to compose the essence of an anecdote and with a few assured lines and moving colours, composes a strange universe, disturbed, marked with symbols and landmarks where the more or less famous faces of history come alive again, but with an open visual quality, thanks to his feverish, boldly caustic instinct.

This painting is thus transformed into a language and a saga of beings seeking their destiny, suffering their decline and weaknesses, but searching in spite of all hope by the degree of their looks at strange flights or unthinkable encounters, also in alternating colours, of pessimism or hope and beauty.

André Ruellan